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IA is active in investors’ education. It conducts regular seminars, workshops and lectures and group discussion to educate and enrich investors. Investors are educated by thorough professional and experts in finance, taxation, merchant banking, securities markets and compliances.

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 Individual Investor Registered Representative Accountant Other Financial Professional Brokerage Firm Compliance Officer Academic/ Researcher/ Student Member of the Press

Tell Us About the Entity You Have a Complaint Against

Tell Us About the Entity You Have a Complaint Against

 Non receipt of certificate Transfer Conversion Endorsement Splitting Dividend warrant Consolidation Bonus Duplicate on submission of indemnity bond

 Interest Transfer Debenture Certificate Exchange of allotment letter Duplicate on submission of indemnity bond Redemption amount Endorsement Transmission Splitting

 Interest Matured amount Pre-matured payments Payment as per company law board (CLB) order Interest on delayed amount

 Annual Report Offer for rights Interest on delayed refund amount Registration of change in address Any other (specify) Interest on delayed payment Call money Application money

 Non Receipt of dividend on Units Interest on delayed payment of Dividend Interest On delayed payment of redemption Discrepancy in statement of accounts Data corrections in investment details Wrong switch between schemes Deviation from scheme attributes

 Non- Receipt of Policy bond Non Revival Of Lapsed policy Transfer of Policy From One Branch to Another Non payment of Surrender Value Non settlement of Maturity Payment Other Complaints relating to Fire , Marine, Health Insurance

 Dispute regarding rate difference Non receipt of Sale proceeds of Shares Non removal of Objection Dispute relating to non settlement of Accounts